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Janas Ensemble

The boundaries of the Janas Ensemble's project are defined by the interactions of music and other artistic events in the Mediterranean area, as well as by the interactions of the various Mediterranean regions, between Renaissance and Baroque.

The programs Bayle y Folias and Glosas were conceived within this framework. Their musical sections are characterized by the lyric poetry of Lope de Vega and complemented by reconstructions of historical choreographies in a Festival of Arts which expresses the true spirit of that period.

Spain, and its domination in Southern Italy, fostered cultural exchanges, thus creating two closely related styles, the Italian and the Spanish ones. Authors such as Andrea Falconiero, Bartolomè Selma y Salaverde, Antonio de Cabezon, Luis Venegas de Henestrosa, Antonio Valente, do illustrate this cultural mixture with a marvellous clarity.

The artists who co-operate to this stimulating project have combined their wide knowledge in order to investigate the literary, musical and choreographic aspects by studying and analyzing the ancient sources, thus renewing this repertoire with all its extraordinary plenitude.

The group is autonomous with reference to harpsichord.


Deda Cristina Colonna: narrator and dance

Monica Miglioli: dancer

Lorenzo Cavasanti: recorders

Maria De Martini: bassoon and recorders

Paola Erdas: harpsichord

Jorge Alberto Guerrero: cello

Sergio Ciomei: percussion instruments

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